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  • Owner: LookingForCrafters
  • Language: lineage2
  • Server IP: mc.lookingforcrafters.com
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A 'Delievered Player' is a user who has either clicked on 'COPY IP' or visited your servers website. All clicks are in real time.
Server Info
Welcome to LookingForCrafters!
A community-built off of years of experience, and love for the game, we have created a pretty awesome server that anyone will enjoy.
We have a trained, and knowledgeable staff team, who ensure everyone has a safe space and a comfortable time on LFC. We also have a variety of
Features, that we have added to enhance your gameplay and make Minecraft even better than it already is.
Our server was designed as a PVE, or player vs economy. So not only are you battling custom bosses, and making farms with your friends but you are also contributing to a small, in-game economy. We offer so much more on top of that, we have auctions, crates, kits, custom mobs, and a custom weapon upgrade system. We have worked really hard to bring you this custom game experience, and we would love It if you joined us, and took a look at our community.
[. . .]
Server Ip: mc.lookingforcrafters.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/rF7bqBn