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Server Info
- Matsulyu Factions -

$50 Stimulus Package available post your IGN and you will receive a DM. Spend it on key, rank or in-game money!

A New Factions Server Dedicated to Bring a Factions Minecraft™ Experience.

Our server was started by two friends. One new to Minecraft and the other an experienced Factions and Minecraft player. We run our server on 1.8.8 PaperSpigot. Everything on our Matsulyu is hard earned and paid for by skill, time and effort.

Server Information

Dedicated Ryzen CPU
Robust Anti-Cheats - Machine Learning PvP Checks and We use multiple Premium Plugins. Help us configure our AC by reporting false positives.
In-Game Ranks- Ranks are a work in progress. Will be updated soon. Give us your input.
Extensive Shop to reduce over-supplied items/bases.
Combat Log with NPCs and PvP in protected areas if tagged.
Keep inventories on PvE Death PvP Death results in dropped items.

1.8 - 1.15 client version support 1.8 is the native version and will have the least amount of bugs.

Donor Ranks
Server Donations will go towards server costs, server upgrades and other expenses.

We plan on having a rewards system that is earned by votes, playtime and player referrals. This has not been implemented yet. Give us your feedback on what you think they should be. Currently voting and playtime are up.

Server Planned Future
If there is significant interest we will open up more servers to accommodate different game modes.
We are working on our Factions right now and we will be updating it frequently over the upcoming months.
There is a Creative server in the works right now.