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Server Info

Looking for a fun server with a friendly community with a dedicated and active staff team? Come check out Royal Universe. But, we don't just have an amazing staff team, we also have amazing features on both our factions and skyblock servers. Check out all our features below, and see them for yourself on our server! Join using

Our team spent months creating the perfect factions for you all to enjoy! We have many custom features such as quests for certain rewards, special drinks you just might win some money from, many custom enchants to make your armor cooler and stronger, and War tokens you can use to buy pets, raiding materials, or even a rank!

Fight for the loot! On our factions server, every 4 hours, a KOTH event is ran, this event allows faction teams to fight against other factions for a huge loot pool! A faction must capture the KOTH point for 10 minutes without being knocked off to win the loot. If they're knocked off, the timer resets.

Envoy events on our factions server run once every hour. Envoys are loot crates that are dropped from the sky all around the warzone! PvP is enabled so be careful while getting them! These envoys can contain fairly common loot, or it can contain some of the rarest items on the server! It's all about luck!

Skyblock on Royal Universe is like no other. We have so many amazing features that our team poured their soul into. Our skyblock contains features such as custom quests, warzone bosses, full customization of your island, and customs NPC's to guide you in the right direction! Come see for yourself!.

At Royal Universe, we have so many different quests waiting for you to complete! Quests range from Easy to Nightmare. Some quests are as easy as collecting wheat, and some quests are as hard as solving intricate riddles, but the rewards payout well!

Royal Universe has many more features that we simply could not fit in this thread! If you like what you've read so far, come check out the Royal Universe server. Connect using!


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