Owner lukemango
Status online
IP best.craftyourtown.com
Website https://www.craftyourtown.com/
Players 32/250
Version 1.18.1
Rank 161
Votes 1
Uptime 100%
Last Check 1 minute(s) ago
Country United Kingdom
Types PvEPvPTownySurvivalSkyblock

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What makes us unique?
? Earth Map & Regular Overworld (Take your pick!)
? Player-based Economy
⛏ Custom Items and abilities
? The Demon Tower (Custom boss fights with armor upgrades as rewards!)
? Daily Pinata Party event! (Punch the pinata for rewards!)
? Player Warps and advertising slots
✔️ Custom Texture/Resource Pack
? Custom Lottery
? Custom Bank with interest (Free money!)
? Balanced Economy
? Balanced Jobs
? Many Beautiful Towns to join
?️ Weekly Minigame Events for in-game rewards
? Community Orientated (Have your say!)
✨ Tiered Armor (Armor with rarities and enchants based on this)
? Custom Mobs (Custom Mobs will roam the wild!)
? Custom Enchantments
⚒️ Custom Lucky Blocks with rarities (Achieved from breaking blocks, rewards based off rarity!)
? Tons of Player Shops (Buy anything you may need!)
? Leaderboard Room (Show the best of the best off at spawn!)
? Golden Lasso (Lasso mobs into their respective egg form! Keeps all metadata)
? Seasonal Serverwide Events
? A fully fledged Wiki with all the answers you need!
.. and that's just Towny. Skyblock will release later this year.