Owner k48dh48
Status online
IP MagnaRisa.pxcnet.com
Players 0/24
Version 1.17.1
Rank 654
Votes 0
Uptime 100%
Last Check 4 hour(s) ago
Country United States
Types EconomyMCMMOMini GamesSurvivalTowny

FarmControl, Minigames, PlaceholderAPI, WorldBorder, BuycraftX, Votifier, Insights, Chunkmaster, BlocksHub, ConditionalCommands, ViaVersion, ChatSentry, LuckPerms, ProtocolLib, Vault, WorldEdit, AsyncWorldEdit, DeluxeMenus, CoreProtect, WorldEditSelectionVisualizer, WorldGuard, Citizens, CraftBook, mcMMO, Towny, MobArena, LWC, Vulcan, Quests, VentureChat, ChestShop, ChestShopNotifier, DiscordSRV, CMILib, Jobs, CMI, VotingPlugin, CMIEInjector, EZRanksPro

What is the IP address for the MagnaRisa SMP Minecraft Server?

The server IP address for MagnaRisa SMP is MagnaRisa.pxcnet.com.

What Minecraft server version does MagnaRisa SMP support?

MagnaRisa SMP supports Minecraft version: 1.17.1.

Where is MagnaRisa SMP minecraft server located?

The MagnaRisa SMP Minecraft Server is located in United States.

What gamemodes does MagnaRisa SMP have?

The MagnaRisa SMP Minecraft server has the following gamemodes: Economy, MCMMO, Mini Games, Survival, Towny, .

How do I join the MagnaRisa SMP Minecraft Server?

Launch your minecraft client using version 1.17.1, click on "Multiplayer", and then "Direct Connection". Finally, put in the IP address for MagnaRisa SMP, which is MagnaRisa.pxcnet.com. You're now connecting to MagnaRisa SMP!