Owner k48dh48
Status online
IP MineTexas.com
Players 11/500
Version 1.16.3
Rank 389
Votes 0
Uptime 100%
Last Check 2 hour(s) ago
Country United States
Types AnarchyEconomyFactionsHardcorePvE

Server Address/IP: MineTexas.com
Game Play Types:
[quote][list][*]aberon.MineTexas.com - Casual CivilizationCraft
[*]anarchy.MineTexas.com - Semi-Vanilla No-Rules PVP
[*]arena.MineTexas.com - Semi-Vanilla Kit-PVP Arena
[*]creative.MineTexas.com - Full Creative plots
[*]hc.minetexas.com - Semi-Vanilla Hardcore Deathban
[*]pve.MineTexas.com - Towny PVE
[*]pvp.MineTexas.com - Faction PVP
[*]rivendell.MineTexas.com - Competritive CivilizationCraft
Plugins Vary by Server
[hr][/hr][h2]Rules for all Servers (Except Anarchy)[/h2][quote][list][*]No Xray, Fighting/Flight Hacking
[*]No Spamming, Excessive Cursing, or advertising.
[*]No Combat Logging
[*]No asking for: Warp, OP, extended permissions
[*]Use Common Sense
Server Description: The MineTexas Minecraft Server networkis a locally owned and operated community based in the Dallas, Texas area. We are dedicated to providing the best Minecraft Server Community experience for all Minecraft Players. We do this by hosting a wide variety of Minecraft Servers. Each Minecraft Server we run is a custom tailored experience unlike any other Minecraft Servers out there, with unique people and Minecraft buildings and Minecraft worlds to explore. Our Minecraft worlds are your creative platform. Come find the Minecraft Server that best suits your favorite Minecraft Server play-style preferences. We're sure you can find a Minecraft Server to enjoy.
[list][*]Aberon CivilizationCraft Casual Mode CivCraft, for

What is the IP address for the MineTexas Minecraft Server?

The server IP address for MineTexas is MineTexas.com.

What Minecraft server version does MineTexas support?

MineTexas supports Minecraft version: 1.16.3.

Where is MineTexas minecraft server located?

The MineTexas Minecraft Server is located in United States.

What gamemodes does MineTexas have?

The MineTexas Minecraft server has the following gamemodes: Anarchy, Economy, Factions, Hardcore, PvE, .

How do I join the MineTexas Minecraft Server?

Launch your minecraft client using version 1.16.3, click on "Multiplayer", and then "Direct Connection". Finally, put in the IP address for MineTexas, which is MineTexas.com. You're now connecting to MineTexas!